The World Congress of Sexual Health held in Singapore ended earlier this week, and I was privileged to be part of the panel representing American Association  of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), along with Dr. Eli Coleman (U of Minnesota) and Dr. Narayana Reddy, a well-known physician/sexologist from India. We discussed our careers, what we value about our work, an the importance of AASECT certification. We are all passionate about contributing to positive sex lives!

I also presented in a very well received “moderated poster” on Using Aphrodisiac Foods and Sexual Meals to Create a Body-Mind Foundation for a Sustained and Thriving Sex Life.  Yes, that’s a “mouthful,” ha! I first drew from my online surveys, my book, Simple Sexy Food tm, and my peer-reviewed findings that aphrodisiac foods are the very foods healthcare professionals promote to replace fast food. I also consulted ongoing studies on “harnessing the power of placebos,” as Harvard University researchers describe their study of placebos.

The latter found placebo effects include real, indirect  and positive biological changes through the power of belief that are not simply “all in the mind.” The implication regarding aphrodisiac foods? Pick your favorites and create sensual meals that feature them. Don’t forget to enjoy your meal in an erotic setting, playfully feed each other, and take plenty of time to enjoy…foreplay and sexual health at its sexiest!