Words of Encouragement

There’s nothing like sexy lovetalk to add sizzle to your sex life. But some people are reluctant to speak out during lovemaking – it makes them feel awkward, vulnerable, unromantic, crude, at a loss for words and fearful of rejection.

Sometimes the difficulty is assuming it has to take the form of “dirty” talk. My research uncovered six types of “horizontal” lovetalk that fuel erotic pleasure: Sweet Nothings (“I love you,” “Your hair smells great”) Gentle Requests (“A little harder”), Playful (teasing, laughing, using special words and phrases that the two of you coined), Naughty (using graphic or slang terms), Likes-and Dislikes (“That’s great”), and Nonverbal (the moans and sighs).

I encourage couples to start with whatever lovetalk form would be the easiest and most comfortable for them. Over time, you can branch out with the types of lovetalk that add pleasure to your lovemaking. Enjoy!