The Taste of Seduction

This Labor Day weekend many Angelenos (including us) will be strolling through many well-known restaurants, wineries and becoming more knowledgeable during a cooking demo or wine seminar while at this year’s annual celebration, The Taste. The three-day sensual food adventure will be held at The Studios at Paramount and will feature five individual events. One of the most anticipated events is Flavors of L.A which will be hosted by Jonathan Gold and Evan Kleiman on Saturday. The day is set to include authentic dishes from around the world through the eyes of Los Angeles, all in one spot.

Some favorite restaurants that will be at this weekend’s event include:

  • Susan Fenigers Street. Favorite menu item: Curried Mussels with Chorizo. The love potion potential of mussels actually exceeds that of oysters! Mussels are packed with even higher levels of amino acids than oysters which trigger a quick release of testosterone, which means lovely mussels are beneficial for the love machine! Yum!
  • Picca. Favorite menu item: Anticucho Scallops in Aji Amarillo Aioli with Wasabi Peas. If seafood in general connotes eroticism, members of the mollusca family, with their very hard shells and soft body, such as scallops, rank at the top.
  • The Spice Table. Favorite menu item: Grilled Rib Eye. For many, the deep satisfaction that comes from occasional indulgence in a tender, juicy steak is surpassed only by more frequent indulgence in the tender embrace of a lover. Juicy is good.

Check back next week for a recap of the event!