A Spring of Hope

Wow, just saw Hope Springs this past weekend. Sure was right up my alley! Kay, played by Meryl Streep and Arnold, played by Tommy Lee Jones, are an empty nester couple in their late 50s.  Kay is very distraught that their relationship has turned platonic and routine; she longs for regular romps  in the hay and arranges for them to see a sex therapist. Be assured that you’re not going to get a realistic look at sex therapy by watching this film. On the other hand, the renowned couples therapist, played against-type by Steve Carell, makes a few classic suggestions from recommending a book that encourages Kay to practice giving oral sex using a banana (the Doctrine of Resemblances is in full gear here) to suggesting Arnold to take his wife to an upscale, romantic restaurant. The latter definitely works its magic, although the ultimate outcome isn’t quite what was anticipated… you’ll have to catch the flick to discover the outcome! If they’d stayed home to prepare a “Simple Sexy” meal, complete with sexy accoutrements, the results would have been a lot hotter!