Taste of Summer

School’s out, the beaches are busy and BBQ’s are being held every weekend – in every backyard. The aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers is creeping into everyone’s living room window. Everyone has their own idea of what to bring to a BBQ (or picnic,) including chicken, steaks, pasta salads, ribs, and many others. We are taking advantage of the local, fresh, summer fruits and vegetables that Southern California is well known for.  With watermelons being at their peak season, we decided to prepare a Watermelon Salad with papaya, avocado, red lettuce and a Caribbean-inspired dressing.

Watermelon is a super sweet, yet delicate flavor that is perfectly suited to the sexy, slurpy, dripping, summertime fun food it has become in the United States and elsewhere. To transform this salad into a main course try adding a lobster tail, which is packed with lots of lean protein, copper, zinc, and selenium, all of which are good for your sex life.

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