Seafood for the senses

As legend has it, the goddess Aphrodite was carried to earth on the shell of a scallop.

Scallops with Cilantro & Garlic

With that in mind, and in the mood for some fresh seafood (and sensuality) we decided to create Simple Sexy Food´s Scallop with Garlic & Cilantro recipe.

The evening started with a trip to the local farmers market in search for fresh ingredients, including Italian squash, tomatoes, cilantro and garlic. After strolling through local food stands and ‘ooo-ing’ and ‘ahhh-ing’ at the gorgeous vegetables and fruits, we ventured over to our local fish market where we purchased Jumbo Eastern Sea Scallops.

Quality Seafood Fish Market in Redondo Beach, CA

With many of the ingredients at home in our pantry, we began our intimate night sauteing the vegetables and infusing each ingredient one after another.

Once completed, we paired a bottle of wine and French bread, which were the perfect compliments to this sensual dish.