Halloween Goodies


Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween!


For me, this is the holiday that kicks everything off for the end of the year. The mad rush to find the perfect costume, decorating and preparing, then hurrying to put everything together in all the right ways. But whereas some people pour their energy into large parties or setting out big bowls of candy for neighborhood children, I like to think of this as a time to satisfy a different sort of sweet tooth…


With the costumes, the face paint, the elaborate makeup and manicures – all of the ritual-esque anticipation – this feels like the perfect time of year to enjoy some role-playing!


Role-playing adds variety to your lovemaking while providing a subtle way to explore desires that might be awkward under other circumstances. There’s no end to the possibilities: from the proverbial patient in need of a “very private” examination by the doctor, to flight attendant/passenger, priest/nun, French maid/master, homemaker/repairman, Anthony and Cleopatra –whatever your own fantasies and inventions are. Keep things simple, or enjoy the cornucopia of holiday decorations available and let your imagination run wild! Remember, the focus is on daring, erotic role-play – and having fun.

‘Tis the season 😉
Be safe out there!