Setting the Record Straight…

True confessions–I’m a great fan of the Chew. It’s been described as the foodie version of The View.

Anyway, this entire week is dedicated to sexy Valentine’s foods. On Monday, I was happily watching while eating my lunch. As Mario chimed in that the dish Clinton was preparing might be an artery clogger, Clinton promptly retorted “who cares this week; we’re focused on sexy foods, not healthy ones.”

Not so fast! One of the things I LOVE about sexy foods with aphrodisiac reputations is precisely how healthy they actually are! It’s so fun and exciting to find out how many healthy foods have fascinating aphrodisiac lore attached to them…and it is a lot more fun to create a sexy atmosphere and enjoy them for their sensual appeal than because some doctor told you you should eat them.

So next time you’re reaching for a slice of “all the works” pizza, think instead of sexy foods such as a bit of dark chocolate, a juicy mango, or even some caramelized garlic over pasta. If you are skeptical of that last dish, check out what Simple Sexy Foodhas to say about these and other, lesser known healthy foods with huge, aphrodisiac reputations.